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<span>Caring for the environment at</span> The Queens Hotel

Caring for the environment at The Queens Hotel

The Queens Hotel, Penzance, Cornwall – reducing our carbon footprint

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Like any business, controlling our energy costs is very important. We are very lucky to be based in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, and being on the seafront means we are very aware of global warming. The Queens Hotel is the first hotel in Cornwall to embrace solar energy.

2010 saw us invest heavily with The Carbon Trust who have helped us achieve some spectacular savings already.

Energy: Our solar energy supplies hot water to showers, bathrooms and the hotel kitchens. This enables us to save more than 10 tonnes on carbon emissions every year.

Roof insulation: we have doubled the thickness of our roof insulation from 6 inches to 12 inches. More than 1,000 square metres of new insulation have been installed.

queens hotel penzanceLighting: savings of over 94% Every bulb, whether it is a spotlight, flourescent tube or bedside lamp has been changed to energy saving bulbs. For fluorescent tubes we have added new adapters which save up almost 50% on energy. Spot lights outside the hotel and in the bar area have been replaced by LED lights saving over 94%.

Electricity consumption: down by 10%. We have a P70KVA unit that sits between the national grid and the hotel and further reduces our electricity consumption by 10%.

Gas consumption: down by 10%. We are now using CVE technology (calorific value enhancement) to greatly reduce our gas consumption. CVE delivers pulses of low level magnetic energy to liquid and gaseous fuels. The technique was developed in the Second World War and used on Lancaster Bombers in order to extend their range.

Water: every room uses ‘save a flush’ which saves one litre of water with every toilet flush. For a hotel of our size, this equates to saving more than 100,000 gallons of water a year

Food miles

Our objective is to keep our food miles to a minimum.

queens hotel penzanceVegetables: supplied daily from our local farmer in St Hilary, near Marazion, Cornwall.

Distance travelled: 4 miles.

Meat: supplied daily from our local butcher in Redruth, Cornwall.
Distance travelled: 15 miles.

Fish: supplied daily from our local supplier in Newlyn, Cornwall, which is visible from the hotel.
Distance travelled: under half a mile, from Newlyn; and 6 miles, from St Ives.

Sweets: ice cream from Kelly’s in Bodmin, Cornwall.
Distance travelled: 40 miles.

Vegetable oil: collected by South West Vegetable Oil.

Paper, magazines and packaging: recycled.

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