Four Cornish Coastal Walks Near the Queens Hotel Penzance

Every year around four million visitors come to Cornwall – many of them drawn here by our amazing landscapes and ancient history. Walking in Cornwall is a popular holiday activity which offers up sites of interest crafted over decades or even millennia by mankind and nature.

Here are four great summer walks to be found within short travelling distances of the Queens Hotel Penzance. They represent just a miniscule fraction of all the great trails, hikes, routes and pathways that Cornwall as a county has to offer, yet they perfectly encapsulate what this great place is all about.

Walk Along Penzance Promenade

There’s a great walk to be had just outside the front door of the Queens. Just nip across the road and you’ll be on Penzance Promenade; an historic paved walkway that stretches all the way to the equally-iconic Jubilee Pool.

On a clear day you’ll have an expansive view of the bay as you stroll along, with the huge glittering body of water framed by the hilly coastline leading to Mousehole on one side and the long, slender green body of the aptly-named Lizard Point on the other. On a really good day you can even see the satellite dishes at Goonhilly.

The walk is perfectly flat throughout, and there are plenty of benches, so it’s a great choice for all ages and abilities. For a short, refreshing walk simply turn back at the Jubilee Pool, or continue around past the harbour and dry dock, and on to Penzance if you’re feeling more energetic.

Along the way are places to buy food and drinks to consume on the road, as well as pubs and cafes in which you can sit and enjoy the view.

Walk Around the Coast to Mousehole

Mousehole is the quintessential Cornish seaside village, and as such isn’t a very car-friendly place. There is a car park just outside of the town, and you could always hop on one of the regular busses, but, if visiting Mousehole is on your to-do list anyway, walking around the coast to get there is a great experience.

The winding road that hugs the hilly Cornish terrain has plenty of lay-bys in which to park, meaning you can leave the car a mile or two outside of Mousehole and enjoy a sedate walk along the wide pedestrian footpaths.

As you go you’ll be able to look out across the bay to St Michael’s Mount and the Lizard Point, as well as looking back at Penzance, or down at the rocky shore, complete with rock pools below.

Even if you don’t go into Mousehole itself, travelling this way on foot is a much pleasanter experience than by car or bus.

Walks in Penzance: Cycle Path to Marazion

St Michael’s Mount is one of the most recognisable and iconic landmarks in West Cornwall. What could be better than a seaside walk that ends at the foot of the Mount?

The Marazion cycle path is a largely smooth and wide stretch of pathway that is perfect for a gentle walk along right next to the sea. Start in the Wharfside car park and follow the white-walled path tucked behind the bus station and train station.

The first few hundred yards are tarmac and proceed with the railway tracks on one side and the rocky wave breaks on the other. Soon the granite wall separating you from the water drops away and becomes first rocky sea defences and then wide, pristine sand.

Keep on the path, or take off your shoes and walk along the sand; either way you’ll eventually end up on Marazion beach, or in the town itself. Walk along the cobble causeway to visit the castle, sit and relax on the beach, or have lunch or coffee in one of the cafes or pubs, such as the delightful Godolphin Inn.

The full walk is several miles, so you could always walk one way and then get the bus the other. Or, for the real hardcore walkers, start right at the Queens Hotel Penzance, walk the promenade as described above and then transfer onto the cycle path all the way to Marazion.

Sennen Cove to Lands End

One of the beauties of this route is that it can be a quick saunter or a long hike, depending upon how far you want to go. In many ways, this walk offers a microcosm of Cornwall itself, combining clifftop views, a traditional Cornish fishing village, a well-known tourist attraction, ancient history and the site of legends.

Start in Sennen Harbour; a tiny granite construct just around the corner from the impressive and ever-popular beach. There’s a car park at the top of the hill and one at the bottom by the Ben Tunnicliffe restaurant.

Heading up past the restored coastguard lookout – which is now more than 125 years old – you’ll traverse granite cliffs, pass an Iron Age castle (Pass Maen), Bronze Age burial cairns and the Longships Lighthouse.

Continue through prehistoric fields to Lands End, which is a popular destination for visitors from across the country and indeed the world. On a clear day you can look out across the sea and spot the Scilly Isles.

Legend has it that the ancient city of Lyonesse – the Cornish version of Atlantis – lies somewhere beneath the waves between these isles and the mainland. The story goes that, on a stormy night, an observer listening carefully can hear the bells of the lost city, tolling as the waves disturb them from their watery slumber.

From Lands End you could take a bus back to Sennen, or walk along the ‘First and Last’ cycle trail – also known as National Cycleway Route 3 – to get back to your starting point.

Walking Holidays in Cornwall with the Queens Hotel Penzance

We think these four routes illustrate not only how easy it is to get out and see what Cornwall really has to offer when staying at the Queens Hotel Penzance, but also the sheer variety that this county manages to pack into a small area.

Whether your measure of a good walk is the data collected by your Fitbit or the number of wild animals you can tick off your list, we’re sure that these routes will delight and satisfy.

Spending Christmas in Penzance? Check Out These Christmas Events in Cornwall

Christmas in Cornwall offers up a veritable stocking full of Christmas events and experiences. For us to sit and unwrap each and every one of the festive happenings in this creative and unique county the Queens Hotel calls home would take well into the New Year.

So, instead, we offer up a small tasting platter of festive fun and spectacle. The events are listed with those closest to us at the top and those a bit further away at the bottom. Regardless of how much travelling you want to do, there’s something nearby for everyone who spends Christmas in Penzance to enjoy.

Mousehole Christmas Lights

Mousehole is an iconic seaside village beloved by tourists and locals alike. Just a few miles around the corner from the Queens Hotel, Mousehole is a great place to visit at any time of year, but becomes even more legendary at Christmastime.

The village is brought alive by the Christmas lights display, that stretches from the waters of the harbour itself right up through the town and the hills beyond. Look out for the classics, such as the spouting whale, the sea monster, and the church.

Mousehole has even more to celebrate at Christmas than many places in Cornwall, as the 23rd of December is Tom Bawcock’s Eve. The legend goes that at some point in the 16th century a particularly stormy winter meant that none of the village’s fishing boats had been able to go out.

With supplies running out, famine descended upon the town. As Christmas approached, Bawcock, desperate to alleviate the suffering of his fellow townspeople, set sail in his fishing boat and headed out into the storm.

He eventually returned, his haul bursting with fish; enough to feed the starving people and see them through the rest of the winter. Look out for the Stargazy Pie lights, representing the traditional Tom Bawcock’s Eve meal, complete with fish heads poking out the top.

Rogue Theatre’s Winter Wonderland, Tehidy Woods

Rogue Theatre’s Winter Wonderland showcases the kind of innovation and creativity that the landscapes and folklore of Cornwall inspire in the local artistic community.

Set in the beautiful Tehidy Woods, the Winter Wonderland is an immersive journey through the trees, bedecked with lights and inhabited by faeries, woodland sprites, and Old Man Winter himself. Hear songs and tales before gathering in the central performance tent with free hot chocolate for live music, festive stories, face painting and craft.

The Winter Wonderland has twice been voted one of the Guardian’s top ten Christmas walks, and won Best Theatre Show 2017 Award from What’s on Cornwall. Performances are held at b1pm, 4pm and 6.30pm most days in December.

Sleeping Beauty Pantomime, Hall for Cornwall, Truro

Pantomime embodies many of the trappings of Christmas – the bright lights, the glamour, being over-the-top, and having a jolly good time. Fun for all the family, Sleeping Beauty at the Hall for Cornwall is a festive treat for the whole family.

You can expect the usual mixture of songs, jokes, and spectacle. Featuring Cornwall’s very own resident comedian Kernow King, a classic narrative and a fearsome dragon, Sleeping Beauty is a must-see show.

Charlestown Boxing Day Swim

Most people think of Christmas as a warm and cosy time, where you can retreat inside and enjoy creature comforts. The classic songs conjure images of hiding from the worst of the winter weather in front of open fires, but some embrace the climate – throw themselves in head-first, in fact.

Hosted by Charlestown Rowing Club, the Boxing Day Swim is exactly what the name suggests; the chance to throw yourself into the icy waters of the town’s harbour with a bunch of strangers to raise money for charity. It’s not only a refreshing and memorable experience, but the fact it’s for a good cause lifts the spirits after a day of indulgence on Christmas Day.

Ice skating at the Eden Project, St Austell

Cornwall’s iconic Eden Project is also home to the county’s only indoor ice rink. Set against the backdrop of the enormous biomes deep within the disused quarry where this stunning eco-attraction resides, the rink offers a magical and memorable experience for all.

The Eden Project offers a comprehensive programme of icy events on their rink, so whether you are a couple down a romantic Christmas getaway or a family looking to some festive fun that wears the kids out, there will be something for you to do.

Tiny tots (18 months to 5 years) and accompanying adult will of the parent and toddler ice play sessions; 40 minutes of fun on the ice rink – no skating involved – that are sure to create a memorable treat full of laughter.

Kids aged 6 to 12 years old who can skate will love the chilly junior sessions, that include races and games on the ice.

General skating sessions are open to all. For more information and prices, and to book your session on the ice, check out the Eden Project website.

Eat, Drink and be Merry at the Queens Hotel this Christmas

Since it first opened, the Queens Hotel has seen Christmas in Penzance 154 times. In all that time, we’ve learned a lot about what makes for the ultimate Christmas experience. That’s exactly what we offer here; from cosy festive stays to a quick winter warmer in our restaurant.

Christmas is both a time for new experiences and surprises, and nostalgia and tradition. Our Christmas offerings feature both. Whether you want an exciting new twist on Christmas or an unbeatable classic, we’ve got it covered.

Here’s what’s going on at the Queens Hotel Penzance this Christmas.

Mince Pies and More in the Sun Lounge Overlooking Penzance Promenade

The Queens is not just a Hotel in Penzance – it’s also an amazing seafront restaurant, located on an historic promenade overlooking an expansive bay of glistening azure water.

In the midst of all the Christmas hustle and bustle, it’s nice to take an hour or two and just slow down again. Remind yourself of the joy of sitting still, and warm the winter chill from your bones with a hot drink and mince pie – all enjoyed from our cosy sun lounge.

Share the amazing tastes and views with friends, loved ones, or just yourself and a book. Christmas in Penzance is busy, but there’s always time for a festive treat and some peace on Earth.

Christmas Lunch in Penzance; All the Trimmings, None of the Prep

Christmas Lunch is the highlight of the day for many. This year, why not treat yourself to an extra special Christmas Dinner in Penzance: one featuring all your favourites, but without the shopping list, bulging cupboards, hours of cooking and endless dishes?

Put down your apron, pick up a cracker, and spend Christmas Dinner at the table, not bent over pans and roasting trays. Our chefs have put together a delicious Christmas Day menu packed with mouthwatering dishes – the only dishes you will have to see – and seasonal favourites, all followed up with coffee and a mince pie.

There won’t be Boxing Day blues with our fantastic three course lunches

As joyful and triumphant as Christmas Day may be, it can also be exhausting. We know how much there is to take care of, from tidying away the wrapping paper on Christmas morning to the mountain of washing up left by the evening, so we have created a Boxing Day menu that provides you with the luxurious break you deserve.

Let our talented chefs and friendly waiting staff serve you up a delicious three course meal in a warm and welcoming restaurant, while you take a moment to relax after a hectic Christmas Day.

You won’t be sad that Christmas Day is over once you sample the scrumptious fare from our kitchen.

Download our Christmas Day menu here:

Download our Boxing Day menu here:

Make it a December to Remember with a Christmas Party in Penzance at the Queens Hotel

What would Christmas be without a party?

Treat friends, family, colleagues or employees to a brilliant festive lunch or dinner of one, two, or three courses from our superb Christmas party menu, or throw an evening bash to remember. Available from the 1st to 22nd December, our Christmas parties are sure to delight with their fine flavours and festive atmosphere.

When you book your Christmas party at the Queens Hotel you can book overnight accommodation at a discounted rate, meaning your guests are able to truly relax and enjoy themselves without having to worry about travelling home: a comfortable bed and a cosy room is just a few steps away at the end of the night.

Download our Christmas Party menu here:

Download our Christmas Party menu here:

Have a magical Christmas in Penzance with the Queens Hotel

Our exciting Christmas events and menus represent fantastic value for money and are sure to get booked up quickly. Don’t miss out: get your place today and enjoy a truly magical and relaxing Christmas at the Queens Hotel Penzance.

Don’t forget that you can enjoy a bit of festive sparkle regardless of your schedule or budget; from a quick break to enjoy hot drinks and mince pies to a Christmas Day lunch or family/works party.

Read through our divine party menus and get your plans confirmed today.

Once you’ve taken a look at the menu, call us on 01736 362371 to book or email us